Sabeel Retreats Development Programme

At the heart of Sabeel is the Sabeel Retreats Development Programme. This is our flagship project which runs for 3 years. It consists of 3 residential weekend retreats per year, 40 weeks of online learning focusing on specific texts, 40 weeks of one-to-one online Qur’an classes and two 1-day Intensive seminars. For more information regarding our flagship project click here.

Weekend Retreats

As popular as our 3 year development programme is, unfortunately not everybody can commit to it or want a taster of how the weekend retreats are run. This is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to experience the weekend retreats. Alhamdulillah, over 3000 students have benefitted from our weekend retreats since they started in 2004 and we have now been able to launch retreats for sisters as well.

Weekend Seminars

For those who lead a busy lifestyle and are not able to commit to our 3 year development programme or residential weekend retreats, our weekend seminars are an excellent option for brushing up on your Islamic Knowledge and partaking in one of our stimulating weekend courses. The weekend seminars are filled with interactive discussions, lectures, workshops and activities. Our seminars are open to both brothers and sisters and the topics vary from Islamic sciences to secular topics and how we as Muslims can engage and integrate living in the West.

Sabeel Masajid

Sabeel Masajid is one of our latest projects that we have recently launched under the SABEEL name. Sabeel Masajid as the name suggests is normally delivered in a Masjid anywhere within the UK. The aim of Sabeel Masajid is to give the local residents of the Masjid a taste of SABEEL and to allow them delve into certain Islamic Sciences and topics at slower pace but without missing out on the SABEEL touch. Food, lectures, workshops and activities are all a part of the package and it is delivered over 24 hours including one night stay. If you are interested in having Sabeel Masajid at your local Masjid please get in touch with us via our contact us form, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sisters Retreats

These are residential weekend retreats that are exclusively for sisters. They follow the same curriculum as our 3 year development programme but are individual retreats that are open to everyone. They are held every 3 to 4 months throughout the year and allow sisters to study in an interactive environment with like minded people.