About Us

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Sabeel had a humble beginning back in 2000 where we had our first weekend retreat. The retreat was attended by a group of about 40 students and proved to be very popular and beneficial. Students had not experienced an environment like this before, where they could mingle with scholars and students of knowledge, partake in stimulating discussions and activities and meet like minded people who really wanted to better themselves and make a difference to the situation around them.

Ahamdulillah the success of that first retreat gave us the confidence to realise the need for a unique, life changing tarbiyah programme that would allow individuals to excel in everything they do and to push themselves to be the best at what they do, that’s when Sabeel was born.


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Our Vision at Sabeel is to see our tarbiyah spread across Europe and the rest of the World. Our aim is to ensure that we develop Muslims across the World with our holistic development programme in order for these individuals to then excel spiritually and academically whilst maintaining a strong sense of Islamic identity and understanding.

The Prophet (saw) did not leave behind wealth or commodities but he left behind the knowledge and pristine principles of Islam. He also left behind Companions, men and women who had a deep understanding of these principles and a thorough insight in applying these principles. These men and women were the leaders who took the message of Islam to the world and brought Islam as a solution for humanities ills and problems.

Sabeel believes that societal development and change will come through developing Muslims with similar knowledge and understanding – making them leaders who are well founded in traditional Islamic principles and are able to promote the pristine teachings of Islam.

We want to take those who want to make a positive difference due to their conviction in the eternal message of Islam and providing them with the tools and cultivation to become potent believers, who have a clear understanding of the principles of Islam, who have grounded knowledge of core Islamic subjects and the ability to apply these in the context within which they live.