Maslaha & Maqasid – Sister’s Retreat

Course Introduction

Learn about the overarching principles governing attitude towards scripture and deriving rulings. These include delving into the integrity of one’s faith and reverence towards the authority of scripture.  What are the procedures of enquiry and investigation when faced with numerous texts? How do we deal with inconclusive texts? What is the role of reason and logic? How to resolve apparent contradictions? Can there be real contradictions? Does Islam provide guidance to everything? How free are we to judge and rule in our worldly affairs without referring to Islamic Law?  Know the answers to these and other questions during a weekend of structured and interactive learning. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to know the sources of information in Islam and more importantly the principles of it’s uses in our everyday life. The concept of Maslaha (Benefit) and the Science of Maqasid (Higher Objectives of Islamic Law) are valuable and intricately linked matters that run through all the injuctions of the Shari‘ah. How does legislating for our benefit manifest itself as practical implementation and what are the guidelines? Did Islam consider every type of benefit and how do we deal with conflicting benefits? How does knowledge of Maqasid influence rulings? Can the spirit of the Law ever  override its letter? Who decides what the general aims of the Shari ‘ah are and how is this decision made? Understanding the subject of Maqāṣid as part of a complete set of principles of Uṣūl al-fiqh allows the miraculous nature of this coherent Sharīʽah to be very evident.

Learning Outcomes

What You Will Learn:
•    Concept and features of Maslaha
•    Relationship of Shar‘iah to Maslaha
•    Guidelines in applying Maslaha
•    Maslaha that opposes scriptual texts
•    Ranking Maslaha
•    Misuse of the concept of Maslahah and Maṣlaḥah
•    Examples of Maṣlaḥah
•    Limitations and Conditions of Maṣlaḥah
•    Maṣlaḥah and Contradiction
•    The Unattested Interest (Maṣlaḥah Mursalah)
•    Maṣlaḥah Mursalah & the views of the great Imams
•    The difference between a valid maṣlaḥah and a bid‘ah
•    The aims the sharīʽah would like to achieve
•    History of the Development of the Science of Maqāṣid
•    Methods of Ascertaining the Maqāṣid
•    Types of the aims of Sharῑ‘ah
•    Categories and Levels of Maqāṣid
•    Rankings of the Maqāṣid
•    Conflict between different Maqāsid
•    The Classifications of Maqāṣid
•    The Relationship of Maqasid with the Legal Evidences

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