1SSEM1 – Can I reflect over the Qur’an?

Course Introduction

Every Muslim wishes to have a stronger, deeper relationship with the Book of Allāh, but many struggle with the practical steps needed to make that a reality. This course is dedicated to learning 10 key techniques that enables a person, even if he/she doesn't speak Arabic, to extract guidance and wisdom from the Qur’an; a science entitled by the scholars of Islam as Tadabbur al-Qur’ān.

Learning Outcomes

  • A new approach to interacting with the Qur’ān known as Reflective Reading
  • Understand the difference between Tafsīr, Quranic commentary, and Tadabbur, contemplation and reflection
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to engage in basic-level reflection of the Qur’ān
  • Learn 10 tried and tested techniques to extract benefits, lessons and wisdom from the Qur’ān.
  • These techniques allow you to scratch beneath the surface, and develop a profound and
    deeper appreciation of the Qur’an which goes far beyond a superficial reading of the text.

How will it benefit me?

  • Be moved by the message of the Qur’ān this Ramadan
  • Leave the seminar with a whole new level of appreciation of the Qur’ān
  • Come closer to your Maker by being closer to His Words
  • Take home an action plan on how to build a life-long relationship with the Qur’ān
  • Ability to derive knowledge and guidance from the Book of Allah

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