Leading Productive Lives

Course Introduction

Are you living with a vision? Have you thought about being the best you can be? Learn essential information and tools to lead productive and proactive lives. What is Sabeel Masajid? The Sabeel Masajid programme is designed to deliver key perspectives, methods and elements of the retreats development programmes within MRDF. Perspectives include a holistic awareness and experience of development as well as a structured method to learning and living. Methods include introducing students to an interactive way of studying heavily centred on learning through discovery and reasoning. Elements including activity sessions that develop skills to do with leadership, teamwork etc. are also carried out. A high regard for engaging with the Qur’an and worship is also emphasised and practiced throughout the retreat.

Learning Outcomes

  • Vision planning
  • Understanding productivity
  • Motivations for being proactive
  • How to prioritise all your tasks and responsibilities
    steps to beat procrastination
  • The importance of social productivity, with practical steps to become active in your community
  • Encouragement and Instruction from The Book, Sunnah and Early Generations
  • The link between visioning, productivity and proactivity and the Hereafter
  • Common Misconceptions

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