Usul al Tafsir – Sisters retreat

Course Introduction

The Study of the Qur’an cannot be stressed enough as it means to study the words of our Lord. The principles of Tafsir is an essential branch of science that equips a scholar or a qualified person to explain the meanings of the Qur‘anic text.

Learning Outcomes

•    Definition of Usul al-Tafsir
•    The Pitfalls of Delving Into Tafsir without Knowledge
•    The Nature of Tafsir
•    Tafsir vs. linguistic meanings
•    Tafsir vs. lessons, morals and points of benefit taken from Tafsir
•    Difference between Tafsir and Usul al-Tafsir
•    Essential Elements that Build Tafsir
•    The meaning of the individual words themselves
•    The structure and style of a sentence
•    The context of the verse
•    Principles of Tafsir
•    The Mufassir and his Conditions
•    Introducing a New Tafsir
•    A New Tafsir vs. Deriving Lessons
•    Reasons for Varying Explanations
•    Qira‘at & Tafsir
•    Judea-Christian Narrations
•    Translations of Qur’an Review

Next Course Date

Apr 5th 2019 - Apr 7th 2019

Course Location

London - Sisters

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