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Course Introduction

PLEASE NOTE REGISTERING FOR THIS COURSE IS FOR THE WAITING LIST ONLY This course is presented with the premise that the existence of differences seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon but at the same time highlights that Islam provides guidelines to deal with conflicting views and demonstrates how a proper understanding of bid’ah actually facilitates unity between Muslim groups who differ on minor issues. Learn why the Shari’ah condemns bid’ah and be able to identify an illegitimate innovation from an accepted act of worship.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Definitions & Related Terms
  • The nature of this worldly life
  • Dealing with permitted differences
  • Dealing with illegitimate differences
  • Irregular Opinions
  • Unity of the Ummah and its importance

Next Course Date

Apr 27th 2018 - Apr 29th 2018

Course Location

London - Sisters

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