At Sabeel we feel that if a student really wants to benefit and walk away from a course with as much information as they can, than attending a residential retreat usually works very well. Not only does a student walk away with knowledge but also fond memories of that weekend that they were able to spend with their fellow peers and teachers. This aspect always helps with learning as the student is able to associate certain moments with aspects of learning.  Attending a residential retreat also allows a student to be immersed with what they are learning and build that relationship with his peers and teachers, which again leads to a higher level of learning.

The residential retreats not only focus on imparting knowledge but also place a great emphasis on an individuals development including motor skills, communication skills, physical skills and character development.  We at Sabeel feel, that in order for a student to reach their potential, we need to take them out of their comfort zone and break down mental and physical barriers in order for them to reach their potential. This can be achieved through the various activities that we conduct at our residential retreats and the different roles that students are given during those retreats.

The residential retreats give you the opportunity to break away from your normal routine and focus on studying one of the Islamic Sciences whilst also partaking in the activities throughout the weekend.

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