There are many benefits in attending Sabeel weekend retreats but if we were to list all of them there wouldn’t be enough space, therefore we have narrowed the list down to a few that we feel have an impact on most attendees. Every individual will draw different benefits which are personal to them hence why the list can be endless.


Undoubtedly one of the main benefits of our weekend retreats is the strong sense of brotherhood. For many people, the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes a huge proportion of their time, not allowing them to interact or socialise with new people. The retreats give you a fantastic opportunity to meet other people who are of a similar mindset but also from different backgrounds and walks of life. For many, meeting other people acts as an inspiration and drive for them to excel in their personal life; physically, mentally and spiritually.


As important as the study sessions are, we ensure that the weekend is evenly balanced with fun and educational activities. There is a lot of thought that goes into preparing some of these activities to ensure that they supplement the teaching for the weekend and some of the activities are linked to the topic being studied. The activities also build a competitive environment as you are split into teams during the retreat and compete against other students. At the end of the weekend there are prizes to be won for the team that excelled in the different activities.


The weekend retreats are an ideal opportunity to build on the student-teacher relationship.  The teacher is on site throughout the whole weekend and this gives students the opportunity to have some extra time outside of the study sessions to get to know the teacher more and vice versa.  It also allows the student to see how the teacher interacts outside of study sessions. We feel this relationship between the student and teacher can be underrated and overlooked which is why we like to ensure that teachers partake in all the activities throughout the weekend and this helps to build that relationship between the teacher and the students.