Sabeel Retreats Development Programme 2018

Package Introduction

The Sabeel Retreats Development Programme (SRDP) is a total development programme that runs over 3 years and strives to nurture individuals in key areas in order to develop well-rounded characters, whose foundations are firmly rooted in Islamic principles and who are driven to implement these principles in every aspect of their lives. SABEEL offers the rudimentary framework for many of these spheres and helps guide the way in others.

At the core of the programme lie the Sabeel Retreats; a comprehensive set of intensive courses that address a broad range of subject matters delivered in an intellectually fulfilling and spiritually nourishing weekend. At the retreats, you are given the opportunity to spend time with different resident scholars and students of knowledge learning, discussing, eating, sleeping and socialising with them to such a level that you won’t want it to end and as experience has shown us most Sabeelites just can’t wait for the next Retreat to come by again. The study experienced is communicated and dissected by lecturers as well as students in an open and free academic style.

The curriculum is dynamic and interconnected allowing for cross curricular development. Substantial provisions are made for key cultivation (tarbiyah) targets. There is an emphasis on continuity and the programme’s design reflects the acute awareness of the ascending objectives of further study in the various cycles and tiers of study to be undertaken by a student once enrolled on our respective programmes.

In addition to the retreats, students will attend weekly online study circles, intensive 1-day seminars and a personalised Qur’an learning programme.

Key Components of the SRDP
• 9 Weekend Retreats over 3 years
• 6 One Day Intesive Seminars
• Weekly Online Classes Covering Core Islamic Topics
• Dedicated Weekly Quran Classes
• Dedicated Murrabis

Package Prices

Full Payment £1,750.00
Yearly payment £625.00
Monthly payment £60.00

Package Dates

Sep 21st 2018 - Sep 18th 2021



Programme Elements