Weekend Retreats

Sabeel Retreats are the bedrock of the programme, it is where students not only develop a close brotherhood amongst themselves and with their teachers but it is a time for them to really delve into key Islamic Sciences. The weekend retreats take a student away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and allow them to focus on developing themselves into a well grounded and holistic individual. The weekend retreats give a student the opportunity to further their understanding of key Islamic Sciences and concepts through the many interactive discussions and learning sessions that take place but also to develop themselves holistically through different types of activities such as team building activities, physical activities and so on.

Intensive seminars

The one day Intensive Seminars are introductory seminars that give a student some insight into one of the chosen Islamic Sciences. Over the course of the 3 year programme there are 6 Intensive Seminars that will be delivered in total; 2 seminars per year. The seminars cover many different aspects of the Islamic Sciences ranging from their importance, the historical background, prominent scholars within the science and practical tips for students interested in pursuing further studies within a particular science. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow peers and teachers and increase in the brotherhood that will be a recurring element throughout the programme.

Online Classes

As part of the Sabeel programme we also have an online learning element that focuses on enhancing and building a students knowledge through the study of selected Islamic Texts covering topics such as Fiqh, Aqidah, Hadith, Tafsir and Sirah. The online lessons provide an excellent platform for students to communicate with their teachers and to cover Islamic texts is an easy format. Students have the opportunity to ask and seek clarification on issues they do not understand and are able to catch up with the lessons and revise as the lessons are uploaded online. Students are also assessed on their understanding and comprehension of the topics taught online through small online assessments.

Qur'an Programme

Another essential element that we feel is vital in the development of any Muslim is their relationship with the Qur’an. As part of the Sabeel Retreats Development Programme each student is assigned a teacher who will assess their reading, memorisation and proficiency with the Qur’an. The fact that the classes are one-to-one allows a student to make quicker progress as the learning is bespoke to them and allows the teacher to focus on areas that are essential for that student. The classes take place online and are therefore scheduled around both the teacher and the students scheduled and there is no hassle of travelling anywhere at is all done via your laptop or desktop or even your phone. We aim for all of our teachers to have a minimum of one ijazah and to have had previous teaching experience.