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Attending my first Sabeel Retreat was a complete shock to my spiritual

and physical being.Waking up for the night prayers, praying Fajr

in congregation and reciting the Qur’an in circles was something

I had never experienced.

Sabeel GraduateSabeel Graduate 2017

The Sabeel methodology is unique in that it not only focuses on

the academic study of Islam but places great emphasis on the

practical, tarbawi principles of learning, allowing students

to actualise their learning in their daily lives.

Sabeel studentStudent

Joining the 3-year Sabeel programme was the best decision I ever made. It has helped me to develop

my knowledge, worship and character; overall making me more confident as a Muslim. The regularly spaced

out retreats throughout the year provided the perfect checkpoint for me to reassess my development and being

able to do so alongside like-minded individuals has made it a unique experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Umair HassanSabeel Graduate - Class of 2016

In the little time I’ve been on the development program, Sabeel’s helped

articulate my focus within the deen and is providing me with solid

foundations from which I am able to start to get closer to Allah SWT

and really start to appreciate what Iman actually is.

Ausman SahirStudent - 2018 cohort

Sabeel allowed me to meet like minded brothers

and provided a structure to my Islamic

development, ensuring  I was prioritising

what was most pleasurable to Allah.

Dr. Yahya AmjadSabeel Graduate - Class of 2016

Sabeel has been a life changing experience for me. It has been a revolution

for me in terms of my spirituality, my way of thinking, my understanding of the religion

and in terms of what I want to achieve in life. It has provided me with the framework

to become a leader and bring benefit to the ummah within our 21st century Western context.

Jahangir AhmedSabeel Graduate - Class of 2016

Sabeel retreats have been instrumental in reframing our minds, perspectives as well as

our conduct to the betterment of our Akhirah and Dunya. It equips an individual with

the necessary tools and outlook to be holistic in converging one’s worship of Allah

with any field of expertise, work or life in general, not overlooking the concept of Ihsaan.

Haamed al HassanSabeel Graduate - Class of 2015